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At Trend Services, Inc. we take safety seriously –making it a top priority throughout our company. We are dedicated to creating a safe work environment at all of our branch locations as well as any jobsite where we do business.

As part of our total commitment to safety, we have developed a comprehensive safety manual that must be adhered to by every Trend Services employee. In addition, our company is a member of multiple safety reporting agencies including ISNetworld and PEC.

Perhaps most importantly, Trend Services has established a safety training facility at our corporate headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.
All new hires are brought to this facility for a one-week safety course that they must complete before beginning work. The course includes hands-on safety training as well as written tests to ensure that each employee is prepared to be safe on the job.

At Trend Services our goal is to strive for zero accidents on the job.
We make every effort to ensure that our employees, our customers
and everyone on our job sites remain safe every day.



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